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HVAC technology

Air ducts are notorious for harboring pollutants. In addition to the buildup of dust, debris, mold, fungi, and other contaminants, ductwork can be an ideal hiding place for insects and rodents.

If your air ducts are cracked or leaky, squirrels, rats, and other outdoor critters can find their way into your home or office building. To keep your ductwork free of debris, particles, and pests, it is important to have it inspected regularly and schedule professional air duct cleaning every few years. We will discuss a regular maintenance program to ensure your ductwork stays in great condition.

As HVAC technology continues to advance, the more options we have to control our indoor air quality. Call Zelari’s Heating & Air Conditioning for an in-home evaluation of your air quality. We are committed to delivering cleaner, healthier air to your home and business.

EPA recommends

The EPA recommends that homeowners consider air duct cleaning especially if they:

  • Are dealing with a mold problem or were recently flooded.
  • Suspect insects or rodents have found a refuge in the ducts.
  • Recently completed a remodeling project.
  • Regularly find clumps of dust underneath the registers.
  • Have a furry pet.
  • Live with a smoker.
  • Are frustrated by uneven interior temperatures.

After Cleaning your ducts, you will enjoy:

  • Less noticeable dust in your home (or office building).
  • Healthier, more breathable air.
  • Relief from symptoms associated with poor air quality (including coughing, sneezing, and sore throat).
  • Improved functioning of your HVAC system.
  • Learn more about residential and commercial air duct cleaning in Woodbridge and the greater Prince William County area..

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Your dryer vent should be professionally cleaned to:

  • Eliminate dust and dirt
  • Reduce the risk of fire
  • Improve your dryer’s efficiency